Why Home Brewers Choose Small Batch Roasting

Gone are the days when the only option for home coffee brewers was grounds from a can. Today you can find small batch coffee roasters just about anywhere. As such, the flavor options for home brewing are seemingly endless. 
But why choose your whole beans from a small batch roaster?
One reason is freshness. Roasting in smaller quantities means that the beans are less likely to sit on the shelves for long periods of time and are therefore fresher.
Another reason is quality. Roasting in small batches, makes it easier to control the roast profile and ensure consistency in flavor and aroma, leading to a better cup of coffee.
In addition to all that, small batch coffee roasters often source unique and high-quality coffee beans, which can lead to unique and distinctive flavors that are not found in mass-produced coffee.
Lastly, and probably the most important, is that most small batch coffee roasters source their beans from independent, artisanal coffee growers who use sustainable growing practices.

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