About us

Welcome to BullAndCoffee - where passion for bulldogs merges with the love for coffee.

Our journey began with a simple morning ritual: embracing the day's dawn with my cherished bulldogs nestled beside me, paired with the aroma and taste of freshly brewed coffee. This beautiful interweaving of two loves birthed BullAndCoffee. We believe that both bulldogs and coffee provide the perfect beginning to any day, and cherishing these moments ensures they flourish and multiply.

We invite you to explore our curated collection. Every product you find here is personally selected and used by us, assuring quality and authenticity.

Our mission transcends beyond offering exclusive coffees, teas, and gifts. At the heart of BullAndCoffee lies a commitment to bulldogs. Due to unscrupulous breeding practices driven by greed, bulldogs face increasing health issues. To combat this, we actively support organizations dedicated to the wellbeing of this beloved breed. Moreover, we aim to spread awareness and educate enthusiasts about bulldog care and concerns.

By choosing BullAndCoffee, you're not only acquiring exceptional products but also championing a noble cause. We pledge to donate 10% of our net profits to bulldog rescues annually. Every purchase amplifies our impact: the more we grow, the more we can give back.

Thank you for joining us in making a difference, one sip and one bark at a time.


Some of the reputable rescue organizations we will be helping every year include: